Friday, March 18, 2011

I've Moved

I loaded up the moving truck and moved over to
I'm sorry to confuse anyone who is following this blog but i thought the new address was easier to follow so please click over to see what drivel I'm talking about now. It's presumptuous, it's narcissistic, it's kimhornsby's blogspot!

Friday, March 11, 2011

American Idol and more

Yup AShton. She has lots of talent but needs to work on control of her big voice. I think her cocky attitude hurt her in the long run, even if it was cute.
OMG I love Adam Lambert's voice. I don't think I have ever loved anyone's singing voice like this guy. It's almost perfect and the high notes when he's singing soft, like at the end of his song last night. I want to watch him sing all day long but that's weird and wasteful. However i did happen to see he twitters and noticed his charity is BeHeard, which i haven't checked into yet but i forsee it's something to do with coming out of the closet or loving your gay self. The thing about AL is that he is a really well spoken, nice man. He's polite with Ryan on stage, shakes hands, seems grateful and for all that' happened to him lately is still humble, underneath all the eyeliner and lipstick. He could have done some huge number last night with his band and smoke and confetti dropping from the ceiling and licking his guitar player's face but no, he wanted to use that platform last night to promote a song that was written to draw attention to charity. Good career move too since the last time he was on an international platform he french kissed his keyboard player and has been too controversial to be asked back to a mega awards show.
Did not love P Diddy who is now called Diddy and Dirty MOney or something equally stupid. Maybe i just plain don't like him because he has enough money to put jewels in his teeth and is now trying to be Eminem. But i liked his piano player. She was a lovely touch to an otherwise stupid performance.
Thanks for listening, as always....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just posted under new URL

I changed my URL which is a very painful surgery, involving several doctors, numerous nurses and multiple scalpels. I've just woken from the procedure and the new URL seems to be working. Already i posted over there.
I wanted to use my name in case someone (Super Literary Agent) is looking for me online. Try this new spot.
Have a safe cyber journey...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To Glee or Not To Glee

Last night was Glee. I'm not a Gleek. I've missed some episodes but I basically know what is going on. Firstly let me say that Gwyneth Paltrow is a fantastic shot in Glee's muscled arm. They didn't need to ratch it up but they did with her guest spot last night. I love watching her sing because she looks so scared (and apparently is). It's refreshing.
Secondly i have to say that even my husband commented on how touching the sex speech was from macho mechanic father to Kurt the gay son, on last night's episode. What this show does for teenage gays is ground breakingly beautiful. I find Kurt a bit pompous sometimes but last night's performance broke through and showed us a glimpse of the frightened boy. Now i like Kurt. Simple as that.
Is John Stamos the new husband to the timid celebate teacher? I love that guy and along with the rest of America, believe that if she hasn't done the deed with him yet, there is no hope. Mr. Whatshisname better step in to unlock her chastity belt soon.
OK- Coach Beast. This is a man playing a woman and just because the writers of Glee have made a false web site for Dot Marie whoever, doesn't mean that she exists. I recognise this man from another show, don't you? When googled, the younger photo of Dot Marie Jones does not look like the same person and i challenge anyone to Google that name and still think it's a woman. I emailed a friend whose son works on the set but she's not answering my question for obvious reasons.
REgardless, Glee is a captivating, sex-oriented show that has cover tunes, high school drama, dancing, and is breaking ground for gays. It's not for pre teens and i'm not sure if it's for teens but it's definitely for this former stage actress who loves music and gays. Glee, Tuesday nights. Put the kids to bed first.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthmothers and Adoption

If you've ever met me you know i'm a fierce advocat of adoption. If you've ever met my daughter Ila, you know adopting internationally is the bomb!
Last weekend I finally dug deep into my bravery reserves and opened the files i've kept for 9 years on all the heartbreaking opportunities we had to adopt in 2001 and 2002. There were 40 situations that came our way, some not interested in us and some thought we were the perfect family for their baby to be. One even had me fly to Texas from Seattle several times and finally for the birth, only to take the baby from me three days later. For years i've thought of making these emails into a book with two sections. The first would be the search in the United States for a birthmother, the second, my journey to Taiwan.
Point is, now that i've finished writing my third novel and am only working on submissions these days, I'm going to finally put this book together and submit my proposal to non-fiction agents. Maybe that is my way in to this world of publishing, but more importantly, i want to compile this story and send it out there for anyone who wonders what it's like to adopt. Of course i did it the hard way by not involving an adoption agency, wanting to find the baby myself and this made the process more lengthy in some ways but more rewarding in others.
What do you think? Would you read a book about the birthmothers in America who considered us and my fantastic voyage to Taiwan where i fostered a baby for five months, waiting to hear if she would be mine?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol Top Ten

I only watch American Idol this early in the game if the singing is phenomenal and I'm not running out of the room to avoid hearing William Hung amuse the rest of america by murdering a song. This year the vocal talent is over the moon good and it makes me wonder where everyone was four years ago when the talent was marginal at this point. Many were tweens seeing this year the 15 year olds seem to dominate.
Tonight they choose the top ten and it'll be hard to see some of the vocalists go. Out of twenty four, I'd say twenty could stay or go straight to recording contracts now. But, it's a contest to pick one singer and it's time to narrow it down:
Here's my pick for that one coveted spot - #12 Pia Toscano who sang at the end last night. Not only did she bring the house down with her rendition of a Chrissie Hind song but she actually has the look of a polished American Idol star, right down to the perfectly dazzling teeth. She's not one of the 15 year olds and although they are frighteningly talented i happen to think that 15 is way too young to take on all that comes with winning this competition. You might as well send that kid off to rehab and skip the years of concerts, albums, photo shoots, parties etc. Just because Justin Bieber can do it doesn't mean anyone else can.
So many of the 24 did a fabulous job in the last two days but what will make or break them in the competition is song choice and likeability. Here's my advice to anyone who remains after tonight - don't do mariah carey, broadway or anything that makes you breathe faster than you're used to. Don't dance around or go behind the judges' desks. Just honestly look at the audience and sell the song. Stand behind a microphone if that helps you sing better. Dress like a star, let those costume people at Fox do their job. Don't argue with the judges, take their very good advice and use it if you get to come back for another song. Remember, America is voting and everyone cannot tell a good singer from bad. Some of you are bloody lucky to have made it this far so don't mourn loosing tonight - celebrate this opportunity and use your fame wisely.
My top ten: James Durbin, Clint Jun Gamboa, Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk, Robbie Rosen, Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, Lauren Turner, Kendra Chantelle, Haley Rhinehart. 
Bring it on...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Surfacing Slowly- Compelling Blurb?

Just when i think I'm finished the book I wake up with a phenomenal idea for a twist at the ending. Should i take a week and rewrite everything on the chance that it will be as good as it sounded at 8am when i opened my eyes? I think so. I'll let the idea sit all day and see if it congeals. No risk no gain right?
Yesterday i entered a blog contest with my 200 word blurb on Surfacing Slowly in hopes of it getting chosen amongst 37 to be read by an agent. Wait. What? I forget who but somebody might chose it for something and i have to say that if my generous friend and critique partner Christine didn't post all these opportunities, i'd just be picking my nose over here. To inform us of the contest when she knows it dilutes her chances is the ultimate in generosity.
Just now I sent my blurb in to her future agent (cross fingers), Jill Marsal. She has a contest to choose one amongst 30 and if mine is in the first thirty blurbs, I get it looked at. Needless to say i've been polishing my blurb until the shine is blinding. But is the story compelling enough? You decide...

Would you read it?
Tina Alton’s husband, Hank, is presumed dead from a Hawaiian surfing accident but without a body, hope won't die. Gory hallucinations have the Maui scuba shop owner terrified of the ocean as her dive business perches on the brink of bankruptcy. When portentous life-like dreams blur the edges of reality, Tina fears sleepwalking at best and insanity at worst.
Jamey Dunn arrives from Afghanistan where he’s part of a secretive paranormal unit in which he visits prisoners’ dreams for military information. A near fatal jump has depleted his ability and he’s on Maui to recharge. An ex lover, Jamey feels partly responsible for Tina’s anguish but she won’t let him close enough to help. Both her domineering parents and an ill-intentioned friend, Noble, insist she leave Maui to recuperate in Seattle and when Tina’s resolve disintegrates Jamey kicks into action. He resurrects his dream jumping skills to enter Tina’s precognitive dreams and together they dive the perilous caves of Hawaii in search of Hank’s body. But what they uncover about Hank’s nasty past and Jamey’s real reason for leaving her ten years earlier has Tina questioning all she knew to be true.